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Local Station for Local Music! All too often local music, or “hyper-local” as we like to define it as, gets overlooked by mainstream media, leaving so many talented artists just never getting the break that they deserve, or the listenership for people to hear them. Hull Online Radio aims to break that gap in the market, and give up and coming artists the recognition and stage that they so rightly deserve!

Who We Are

Co-owner and Founder Martin has had many years background in the unsigned music sector across the UK at various pubs and music venues that he has both owned and managed.
His love of unsigned music, along with his determination to get artists heard to a wider audience prompted him to establish an online radio station to give the voice to artists, and offer something different to listeners, other than just record label music.

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Freedom Festival Hull

Producers of Hull’s Freedom Festival, an international arts festival, believe artists can change the narrative. With a distinctive creative voice, we enrich our society, giving artistic expression to themes of democracy, identity, human rights and freedom.

Our Team

Joint Owners & Co-Founders Martin Breathnach & Holly Berry

Martin Breathnach

Martin Breathnach


Holly Berry

Holly Berry


Cameo Brooks

Cameo Brooks


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