Its finally happened!
Hull Online Radio has launched….again!!
“Again?” we hear you ask. Yes! Hull Online Radio initially launched for the first time back in 2013, and like many great ideas, it was discussed and born over a few pints!
Back in 2013 Internet Radio, although established online was still in it’s infancy, and a station that specialised in the niche of promoting exclusively the Unsigned Music scene in the City of Hull just didn’t exist.
Hull has always been a real hub for up and coming artists, and although artists had some fantastic venues at the time that gave a platform to Unsigned Artists to promote themselves, we felt at the time that in order to give a “real voice” to the Unsigned Acts in Hull, a new online radio station was the best way forward to do it. And so, Hull Online Radio was born.
Initially streaming through the media platform L2MR (Listen 2 My Radio), we quickly moved into a newer streaming service, then in it’s early days, and we signed up with Warwickshire based streaming service
Set up by 4 friends who were based at various locations across the UK and Belgium, these were 4 teenage lads who came together and had the foresight to see just how big Internet Radio was going to become. We’ve remained loyal customers of ever since, and when I moved to Warwickshire last year, I finally got the opportunity to put faces to names that I had only spoken to through Support Tickets and Facebook over the years.
Now that I’m based back in Hull, and with this horrible (but necessary) lockdown taking place, I chose to take a look at relaunching the station.
So, two months later, and several late night chats, ideas being thrown about, I rebuilt the station website, in time for a May 2020 launch!
What we do we hope to achieve? Well, like our original plan, and going back to the very roots of what the station’s mission was back in 2013, we want to give a voice to the Unsigned Artists in our city and further afield.
Back in the early days, it surprised us just how many people listened in to our shows Worldwide. We had listeners as far flung as the USA, Peru, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, and Hessle Road!!
And we hope to be able to continue to bring YOUR music to these countries again.
How can you help? Well, if you’re an Unsigned Act, regardless of where you are in the World, then we’d love to hear from you. You can go to the page “Submit Media” and submit your music directly to us. We’ll do our very best to play it for you. Please make sure to fill out all the necessary information for us, including your name, band’s name, email, social media links etc. The more info we have the more we can talk about your tracks for you and let everyone know who you are, and where people can find you! Simples!!
Want to get some photo’s done of your performance or a LIVE audio recording of you performing, edited to excellent sound quality for upload to your Soundcloud / Bandcamp page etc, let us know. We can come to your gig and get that done for you.
Alternatively, through the joys of technology, we can even come to your performance and stream your performance LIVE for you on our station. Just get in touch with us for a chat.
There’s a lot more that we hope to do as the months go by and our station hopefully grows. In the meantime, if you want to get in touch, drop us a line and let us know how we can help you!